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Dealing with Isolation

  • 2 min read

Dealing with Isolation

Loving being at home, treasure the silence and the lack of interaction or are you going completely stir crazy and desire cuddles, laughter and people?

Needing something different at this time will depend on your level of extroversion or introversion.

As leaders, we need to be agile in our support processes and know when to engage with our team and when to leave them in their 'my-sky happy place'.

The HAWK - driven, solo, competitive, low empathy, doesn't need your approval, drives projects and teams, essential in times where high energy and focus are required - introvert.

The PEACOCK - vivacious, happy, funny (particularly in their own minds), love entertaining, drawing with brightly coloured pens (on themselves), maintain high energy for teams however can be a little distracting - serious extrovert

The DOVE - quiet, kind, peace maker, loves being around people but not necessarily speaking to them. Hates conflict and happy to be led - quiet extrovert who recharges around others

The OWL - process driven, low low low empathy, technical, routine driven, fantastic at planning and project management - strong introvert.

The HAWK - Thank goodness - I don't have to talk to anyone and those annoying peacocks cannot disturb me - I don't need anyone else at this time, but need you to do what you've been told - quickly.



What Do You Need

The PEACOCK - aaaahhh noooo, zoom me, message me, hello hello are you there, someone talk to me, desperately need you to speak to me, regularly, please make a time for us to message and drink coffee or gin together on a screen (quite large screen so you can see me properly)

The DOVE - I hate isolation, I don't know what to do as there are no Hawks to tell me; please don't forget about me. I don't have the courage to zoom you, but would love it if you remembered me and invited me for a coffee zoom call, please, thank you. and sorry for being a nuisance, sorry.

The OWL - the world is in order, we should all work in isolation. I'm about to go down into a rabbit hole and contemplate the end of the world. Constantly considering all things way outside of my circle of influence and I probably need to be dragged into virtual social interaction so that I don't look up recipes for foxgloves just in case the end of the world is nigh.

SO it's time to nurture - explore the needs of your team and consider the agility of your response to your team’s mental well-being. Need help with that?Let’s chat