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How do you commute from the bedroom to work?

Curious question. 

Commuting is a ritual. 

A habit is formed; there is a rhythm; we buy our coffee at a certain place, we sit in a preferred part of the train, often park in a familiar space, in other words, we embed and repeat a process that gets us safely, both physically and mentally from home to our work space. This forms a separation from one environment to another.

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Why are we so easily distracted?

The fascinating thing about the human brain is that it has a natural bias to be curious about seeking constant and new information. Why? The more information we have, the better we can assess and mitigate danger. But our primal brain is at the crossroads with technology availability as we’ve never experienced it before. And we are exposed to both external distraction (events) and internal distraction (worry or anxiety). We seek constant distraction, but it leads to cognitive overload (overwhelm). Go figure.

  • 7 min read
My Canada Musing - Blokes – Construction – Leadership. Recently I spoke at the NZ Certified Builders conference in Wellington. To be certified, or certifiable; is not generally an aspiration in other parts of our society, however, the folks I met at this conference seemed just fine.
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Here's the latest Elephant Rider Interview featuring me! We sat down at our beautiful retreat and chatted about leading teams, emotions at work, and The Emotional Culture Deck.
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I love those mornings where you stay deeply cocooned in your scrummy blankets, soft pillows and even better, that long-awaited couple of hours where you've got the whole bed to yourself.

I'm not sure about you but I have really sensitive hearing which affects my ability to sleep. And it's quite specific as to what it can hear

  • 4 min read

It doesn’t matter how many hours I put into my day, I am just not: “catching up, getting on top of, making progress, winning”.

Are you pedaling that hamster wheel way too fast but end the day in the same spot?

And in that ‘spot’ are we feeling overwhelmed and tired?

Are you an ‘Anxiety Hero’, able to jump to the very worst conclusion in a single bound?

Do you dream of sitting on the kitchen floor with a huge tub of ice-cream and eating-it-all?

Or is the pursuit of magnificent grapefruit flavoured Gin, (or even just plain old Gin), your end of day therapy?

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