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A Caution About the Author

Diplomatic is not a word strongly associated with Sally. She was known as 'Cyclone' during her military career thanks to her maiden name, Bowler (post Cyclone Bola). So Cyclone was bestowed upon her and she didn't seem to mind at all.

Like a small bulldozer with a large, blunt blade, she has been known to leave a trail of debris, wounded egos and chaos behind her. However, more often than not, a legacy of joy, laughter, achievement and innovation glistens in her wake. This is a woman who 'gets shite done'.

"I'm passionate about people having a sense of control, joy and satisfaction embedded into their work and life routines. The science is transparently clear. When we get our 'daily rhythm' sorted, we can create our best life. Time is not on our side; each day is a day closer to death. Thus my vision is to get you to controlled functionality quickly vs. politely, prior to death. Being offended takes a lot of energy, choose wisely".

"First comes thought DREAM, then organisation of that thought into ideas PLAN, then transformation of those plans into reality DO, and we land at BE, the beginning, you will observe is in your imagination DREAM"

Napoleon Hill