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Upcoming Retreats

Recharge Renew Reconnect | Find your Essence | Live by design | Retreat in Bali

20th to 26th July 2023

Harness your potential, eliminate distraction and create space for innovation and exponential thinking. This innovative 6 night and 7 day retreat, staying at the beautiful Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort Bali, provides the dichotomy of functional neuroscience and introduces Sally's international planning model to help you gain control of 2023, partnered with a deeply spiritual and rejouvenating experience to help you recharge and renew, moving towards your exceptional future.

Led by Sally Duxfield and Claire Goad

Holding the Line | Keeping True in Leadership and to Yourself.

28th July - 2 August 2023

Harness your potential, eliminate distraction and create space for innovation and exponential thinking. This innovative 5 night and 6 day retreat, staying at the at the beautiful Ulaman Eco Luxury Resort Bali, provides the dichotomy of functional neuroscience and introduces Sally's international planning model to help you gain control of 2023, partnered with deep exploration with Sally Doherty. What do you, truly want? Who are you? Define the Leader you are.

The Pursuit of Peak Performance | Aro Ha Retreats

1st to 6th July 2023

‘The Pursuit of Peak Performance’ with Sally Duxfield is an elite development opportunity. Providing an unparalleled blueprint for sustainable peak performance, this retreat will enable you to make critical life and/or business decisions and perform at your best when exposed to extreme stress. With cutting edge neuroscience and thought leadership meshed with joy, laughter, and deep reflection, we bring to you an unprecedented experience.

Time for Control, The Pursuit of Peak Performance with Sally Duxfield is the model that serves both individuals and teams alike.  This is the model that will reduce overwhelm, control and minimise anxiety, increase your sense of wellbeing, and form the basis for a life well lived; a life filled with joy, challenge and satisfaction.

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Arete Retreat is the realisation of Experiential Architect Sally Duxfield’s vision to create a naturally inspiring leadership village designed to evoke strength from simplicity, challenge, explore, and make uncomfortable comfortable.

It is from this arresting place that Sally delivers her most effective coaching and development experiences. It’s a purpose-built, off grid oasis offering accommodation, on-site facilitation and life-changing learning experiences.

Knowing Where you are Going

For Corporate and Business Clients

Sally helps clients to develop a greater understanding of the strengths, both individual and team, that are present; she assists teams to build resilience by understanding body chemicals, personality types, and how we react or act under pressure. She then provides the tools and a unique environment for deep learning and leadership growth to occur. Quickly able to see dysfunction in teams, Sally’s direct, humorous style, provides insightful takeaways for your team.

For High-Performance Sports Teams

Elite athletes lead a particular way of life. Unlike classroom teaching, experiential learning, invites your team to understand the complex social dynamics of leadership in real situations, growing excellence in the next generation of young leaders. Sally is deeply interested in the player-leader and their ‘off-the-pitch’, ‘on-tour’ leadership that is often overlooked - left to management - but is essential for the mental wellbeing and the health of the team.

In late 2019 Sally was privileged to commence working with the U20 NZ Rugby Leaders; each year since, the young professional players have complimented their leadership and personal growth on their 3 day wilderness programme delivered at Sally’s outdoor pursuit Centre, Makahika OPC. She’s also worked with teams such as the NZR School Boys, the Black Sox, pre world cup and the Pulse.

For Thought Leaders & Consultants 

From your own brief, Sally will create, co-design and stand beside you to deliver a bespoke residential or day program that will draw through your own Thought Leadership with the learning or experience outcomes that you desire for your clients. 

Together we will co-facilitate the experience; I lead and adapt the encounter as it unfolds, and you deliver your content.

For Wellbeing, Yoga and other Practioners

Arete Retreat is well placed to support your Retreat Programme.  We’d be privileged to be part of your ‘circuit’ around New Zealand and Australasia.  Glenorchy, Waiheke, Arete.  Beautiful market fresh dining, stunning accommodation and any support that you need will be graciously provided to ensure your clients experience is divine, repeatable and creates a memory.

Dream, Plan, Do, Be Retreats

Dream, Plan, Do, Be | Mindful Business Planning Retreat

Join Sally for her bespoke business retreat at Arete, designed to create clarity, de-stress your world and mind, reduce overwhelm. Are you managing teams, or deeply involved in delivering strategy all the while juggling daily operational needs and distractors?  Are you hungry to gain a sense of control of 2022? If that’s you or one of your managers, let us light the fire for you, and help with practical and easy tools to make living and working in uncertainty, simpler and sustainable. You will depart understanding the neuroscience of rhythm and why you need to implement the tools and practices I refer to as the Four Unicorns into your business and personal world. You’ll have a framework, an actionable plan and the knowledge to dramatically increase your productivity and decrease stress in your organisation.  You’ll feel that you have gained at least 20% more control of your business day – you will no longer feel like you are pushing a wheelbarrow with rope handles.

1 night, 2-day Residential Retreat | For Business Owners, Managers and Consultants.

Investing in a business retreat for either yourself or members of your management team has many benefits.  It relieves stress, sparks inspiration, creates time to reflect and most importantly boosts morale.  A successful work retreat is an investment back into your business, creating substantial differences in the way you or your team member performs, influencing your company culture for years to come. 

Dream, Plan, Do, Be | Women in Leadership

Join Sally for an intimate business retreat at Arete designed to create clarity, destress your world and mind, and establish your plan to align with your vision and goals.

2-night, 2-day Residential Retreat | For Women in Business – Owners and Consultants 

Nothing gets you from where you are now to where you want to be faster than clarity, focus, and a plan of action, which is exactly what you’ll experience at Arete Retreat, a retreat designed to help you relax, refocus, recharge, and reignite your business. This intimate retreat skips the big cities, dull conference rooms, and uncomfortable chairs and instead gathers attendees at our beautiful off grid bespoke luxury Retreat, Arete. We remove the business attire and populated hotels in favour of nature, soft leggings, and deeply meaningful conversations.