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For you

Take control of your life and download these resources. Reach out if you'd like to learn more.

Know Yourself

Curious about who you are at your very worst, or under stress. Who and what causes friction for you, and why? This favourite piece by Sallyd will help you frame up the things about you, and those around you under stress. Such a simple and fun tool to use for your team. And unlike other models that you invest in, but never use again, this is a profile model that you can refer to daily. Download now. And check more of Sally's video in the shop.


IMPACT4Q is Sally's international model that provides you with the 'how to' implement and sustain peak performance in your work team, in your life as a solopreneur, or when adapted, as an elite athlete. Most management or performance models give you the why, but seldom the 'implementation tools'. Join Sally on one of her retreats to increase your profitability, productivity but most importantly, support a flourishing team culture and mental and physical wellbeing in your team. The key piece of this model | invert you day. Arrive at work expecting to serve those around you, enjoy the chaos, run the hamsters (Q1) and feed the monkeys (Q3), then when the fires have been attended to, and your team is settled into their rhythm's, delegations confirmed, you can take on 45 minutes to 60 minutes of one of your Q2's. To understand this model fully, head to the shop and purchase IMPACT4Q Time for Control.

Body Chemicals

Know the neurochemicals that our body produces and the benefits and detriment of each. Download now.