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As entrepreneurs, we often live on the edge. We need to make high stakes decisions under pressure, apply advanced planning techniques, deliver innovation and extraordinary solutions to global problems, while juggling life, partners, children, friends, and relationships. Striving to sustain momentum, energy and passion.

THE EDGE is an elite development opportunity. Providing an unparalled blueprint for sustainable peak performance, enabling our leaders to make critical decisions and perform at their best when exposed to extreme stress. Cutting edge neuroscience and thought leadership, meshed with joy, laughter, and deep reflection, we bring to you an unprecedented experience.

Come together in some of the world’s most exotic locations as we embark on a journey of transformational growth. By connecting our learning with new and unique experiences and environments, not only will you benefit from the joy of travel, the experiential learning pedagogy will ensure in excess of 80% retention of the world class content. Your investment will continue to exponentially reward you.

Threaded throughout our journey together, we will explore our underlying theme, Be A Force for Good. As a given, you have influence, reach and energy; currency as global citizens. How you spend that currency will greatly affect those you touch, those around you, those you have the capacity to touch, to effect change within the lives of others. Our challenge to you, while learning, growing and becoming, is how will you spend your currency of philanthropic IMPACT?


19 – 26 FEBRUARY 2024

Our grand finale sees us exploring the mythical Kingdom of Morocco where we immerse ourselves amidst the old-world charm and medieval heritage of ancient Marrakesh and the vast, open dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Timeless learnings in a timeless city...

Sally Duxfield, Dr Adam Wright, Dr Michael Easter &
Dr Sean Richardson


26 MAY – 1 JUNE 2024

Our epic journey of self-discovery and mastering sustainable peak performance was to begin in Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park. Six of our clients are not available in April 2023, and they're very important to us; thus we've adapted and flexed our wings and we are sliding into an even more extraordinary space.

Safari tents, lions, giraffes, mountains, and savannahs.

Sally Duxfield, Dr Adam Wright, Dr Sahar Yousef &
Prof Lucas Millar


5 – 11 SEPTEMBER 2024

Our grand finale takes us to the far depths of the world into the Southern Oceans, to New Zealand. Here we will challenge you, allowing you to see Beyond the Edge, but not beyond your ability, in order to facilitate growth.

“How can we ever know what we’re truly capable of if we’re not trying to do what we don’t think we can, every single day?”

Sally Duxfield, Dr Adam Wright &
Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hatton


In addition to the extraordinary course content and world leading facilitators and guest speakers, each module includes twin share accommodation, all meals, all transfers and guided excursions. Download our brochure now to find out more information and total investment for our elite development opportunity.

‘The Edge’ 23/24 is only open to 18 participants. To secure your spot or to learn more email or call Viva Expeditions.

Phone: NZ +64 99505918