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Upcoming Retreats

The Edge | Peak Performance Retreat Series | Led by Sally Duxfield and Shivani Gupta

Join Sally Duxfield and Shivani Gupta, in some of the world’s most exotic locations as we embark on a journey of transformational growth. By connecting our learning with new and unique experiences and environments, not only will you benefit from the joy of travel, but the experiential learning pedagogy will also ensure in excess of 80% retention of the world class content.

On the Edge |New Zealand, Nepal, India
Leading the Edge |Nepal, Canada, India
Beyond the Edge |TBC

Self Led Retreats at Arete

Join us on a ‘self-led’ retreat, using the stunning Arete Retreat as the conduit for your thinking and time alone.

No facilitators, no programme to follow; other women doing the same thing, your own spaces, stunning catering, and completely off grid for just one weekend.

Gather a group of friends or peers and organise your own 'retreat'.

Refresh, renew, plan, and relax.


Arete Retreat is the realisation of Experiential Architect Sally Duxfield’s vision to create a naturally inspiring leadership village designed to evoke strength from simplicity, challenge, explore, and make uncomfortable comfortable.

It is from this arresting place that Sally delivers her most effective coaching and development experiences. It’s a purpose-built, off grid oasis offering accommodation, on-site facilitation and life-changing learning experiences.