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Dream, Plan, Do, Be & Plan It. Do It. Planner Bundle

"I'm passionate about people having a sense of control, joy and satisfaction embedded into their work and life routines. The science is transparently clear. When we get our 'daily rhythm' sorted, we can create our best life. Time is not on our side; each day is a day closer to death, thus my vision is to get you to controlled functionality quickly, vs. politely, prior to death."

Dream, Plan, Do, Be is the first volume in 4 or 5, where I draw down my learnings from the last 30 years and put them in a short succinct usable form with the hope that you'll be able to apply part of my learnings into your busy life and gain 20% more control of your world. If you choose to:

  • You'll be able to articulate the way you want to feel each day and use these as the 'why' to implement these systems into your daily world
  • You'll  have an understanding of the neuroscience of daily planning and rhythm and why you need to implement the Four Unicorns into your life
  • You'll have a plan to start the journey towards a more controlled day
  • You will feel that you've gained at least 20% more control of your day, thus accomplishing more and reducing your stress

Say yes to a sense of control in your world.

I created this planner to support the learnings in my book, Dream, Plan, Do, Be.  Many of us share a sense of overwhelm and anxiousness about juggling life, work, family, social engagements and professional commitments.  This planner is going to help you to control your daily rhythm, allowing you to live your life with a sense of control and wellbeing.

The A5 planner works on a 90 day cycle; the beautiful 'folder' is a permanent feature.  You then order replacement 'pages' as you successfully complete your quarterly planning cycle.  I look forward to seeing you at one of my Dream, Plan, Do, Be Retreats in 2022!

Shipping 2 - 3 working days from dispatch.

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